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Svan is a research-focused, data-driven investment management firm founded with a passion for generating sustainable alpha. Focused on protecting and growing your wealth, we deliver responsive and responsible client experience.


Most Ideas Are Like Green Sprouts. They need the right hands and environment to mature into leafy seedlings.

Over a decade ago, an idea had been taking shape in the mind of Sachin Kasera, a passionate investor. It was just waiting for an outlet.

Humankind is programmed to earn wealth. Sachin believed in the power of equities to multiply wealth.

As a seasoned investor, he had experience in making judicious and objective investment decisions. He was passionate to do something unique and share the fruits of this wealth creation with a larger audience.

Enter Jigar Shah, another accomplished investment professional, to make the storyline complete. The two understood the dynamics of investment management and shared the same vision.

Just as the swan is revered for its purity and wisdom, Svan Investment values excellence and is a product of Sachin and Jigar’s passion for ethical, insights-backed investment acumen.

Through a data-backed research-oriented investment strategy, the team Svan is committed to providing a sustainable alpha and a unique client experience. To this day, clients sit at the heart of Svan’s investment philosophy.


Growth for all stakeholders, with fairness and integrity


Leverage equity as an asset class and enhance our performance in every cycle.


Sachin Kasera

With over two decades of established investment management experience, Sachin Kasera is the founder of Svan Investment Managers LLP. He specialises in cherry-picking multi-baggers. Being brought up in a family where equities and market discussions were part of daily routine, he was fascinated with markets since childhood.

With time, his interest and understanding of equity markets kept growing, resulting in his passion transforming into the profession. He believes that continuous learning, diving deep into data, and sharpening research and skills are pivotal to succeed in any market


Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah is an equity professional with over twenty years of diverse experience in advisory, sales and marketing and fund management. He has been active in the markets from a young age. Starting his investment journey with IPOs and trying his hand at trading, he realised the importance of long- term investing.

Before co-founding Svan Investment Managers, he spent over sixteen years at Motilal Oswal where he started as a management trainee and rose to Senior Vice President, catering to HNIs and institutional clients. He was also co-head equity investments at a boutique PMS firm.